reorganizing my planners

Hello guys !!
this weekend I had a very  quite weekend, we have had horrible  weather in Sydney. So I have been busy playing  with my planners and reorganizing them. I wanted to  change them around, currently  I use 3 and they  are  all from kikki.k ( hehe) which is my favourite shop I could spend  all day  in that  shop.

wpid-20150426_201512.jpgThe  large mint  with the gold dots is my home management binder. In here  I have  a calendar section, home life section, health & fitness section, and a scrapbooking section.
I have add 2 new section in this binder first is the scrapbooking section I have  started do  monthly challenges (#ListersGottaList) and I decide to use  my monthly divides and place all my creative challenges into  them instead of using a notebook.
The other  section was my Home Life which  has all my home chores and routines.

wpid-20150426_201446.jpgThis  planner is my personal size gold  planner I was so excited when I brought this  I have always wanted this one when it fist  come out. In here is  where  I have all of  my personal stuff inside so  I have a blog section, calendar section, checklist sections and goals section, some of these section I need to update  them  with notes

The pink planner is for work it has all my teaching stuff inside. A calendar, Documation section, Lesson plan section, TO do notes section. I use this planner  every day  I love that I just have one  planner  for work that  can  hold all my papers  together.


hope you have  enjoyed reading  my planner update I love  talking  about planners.
Emma xoxo


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