Journaling- my weekly review

Here is  my first weekly review on my blog. I really  love  reading other peoples weekly review so I though Id give it  a every tuesday ill add a journal entry of my week for you guys to read… This Week from the 19th to 26 of January has been a super hot week sydney has been like over 30 but its the humidty has  been really high which make it feel really gross. I’ve had a really busy week I went to Hornsby and spent time  with my  cousin and  her  baby (Zara). It was great to  see them Zara  is  growinng  so  much. On the Wednesday  we visited  chatswood shopping centre it  was my first  time  going. The shopping  centre  is really  big its really  nice too. Im still on holiday  and  in recovery i dont start work till the  2nd February i had  to  take 6 weeks off due to  having a back  surgery. I have been doing lots of walking and swimming these  are the only   this i can  do  at the movement. Ive really enjoyed the  time off, i feel so relaxed spending time with family friends. But im ready to  go back  to  work i need  my  routine lol.i miss everyone at work. I have also  been working on my 2 planners that i have. They  are  both from kikki,k  time planners,I have the large mint with gold spots and the purple  with the gold diamond which a medium size. I love these two planner and i just love kikki,k shop its my favourite shop. I will be doing posts on these soon. On the 25th january i brought some tickers to  see Wicked with my mum it was amazing i loved  it the music was  great and  the stage look awesome. I love going to musicals. 26 was  of course Austrday Day it  was  rainging  so  we couldn’d go swimming 😦 but  we just  had  lamb for  lunch  then  mum made a Pavlova for Dessert the food was really good image image image Hope everyone has a great week…. You can contact me and ask request at


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